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Digital Marketing is the use of digital channels to promote or market products and services to consumers and businesses via one or more forms of electronic media.


At Virtue Advisors, we believe the internet is the key to digital marketing, by effectively making use of technology and electronic devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets to engage with prospects.


Digital Marketing can be applied through internet channels such as websites, social media, email ads, banner ads, and apps through increasing and supporting your presence on traditional media like TV, Radio, and even text messaging.


Have you ever noticed certain products or services you’ve previously searched for show up as an ad on other websites you visit?  It may appear as a small banner ad along the side of a webpage.


You are experiencing digital marketing.


Watch the video. See how it works.

Digital marketing is the future of growth.

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Generate prospects in your marketplace based on specific search keywords:

 Social Security Benefits, Retirement Planning, Annuities, Life Insurance, Investment Advice, or ANY keywords that you associate with your company.

Get on board and

get on target.

Aim high and hit your mark.

Digital marketing is becoming ever more effective, as it allows companies just like yours to target interested prospects and accurately track return on investment.  With the capabilities to monitor components of which ads are being viewed, how often, and the duration of the visit, you're able to pinpoint your sales conversion, track results, and make informed marketing adjustments.


Gone are the days when you solely relied on traditional marketing to effectively reach qualified prospects. This is the “Information Age” –

with digital media as a rapid-growing source of news, entertainment, shopping and social interaction. People want communications that are personalized and relevant, with offers tailored to their needs and preferences.


The future is now and you have everything to gain by starting your Digital Marketing campaign today at Virtue Advisors. Call now!



Do you have a digital presence?

 If you don't...Your competition does.

True Facts and Testimonials.

The finance industry is slated to invest

100% more in 2016 in digital advertising.


We are now able to reach your targeted audience

whenever, whenever they are online through our

network of over 100,000 websites.


81% of consumers go online before heading out to

the store, up 20% from last year, and they spend an

average of 79 days gathering information before

making a major purchase.


Did you know the average person spends close

to 3 hours per day on their tablet or smart phone?


“I went from having 10 people total visit my

website in 3 years to over 300 per month in new

visitors and I closed my first deal 3 months after

starting my digital advertising campaign!”

—Chris Sumner,  Registered IAR




Do you have a digital presence?

 If you don't...Your competition does.

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